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The constant, ever-changing pace of our social and working world also requires adaptation and permanent further development of ourselves. Personality development, appearance to the audience, speaking, body language and much more form a huge field of activity.

Berlin Training offers a selection of the best coaching opportunities, always in at least two languages. To take the individual’s teaching abilities into account, we use, among other things, ”Blended Learning” and ”flipped classroom”, a combination of various methods and media.

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What We Offer…

Communication in the Digital Age
Project Management
Leadership Development
Design Thinking



Storytelling is hard-wired into our DNA. It´s part of what it is to be human. We use it to make connections with our customers, our employees and, well, almost everywhere.

Let’s say you need to give an important presentation. If you want people to really hear you and to remember what you said – you just have to tell them a story.