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Why are languages so important?

Being able to communicate and to communicate languages is not only a personal pleasure, but increasingly a must in our society.

The possibilities have never been better. Use the freedom to work and live anywhere. Learn the appropriate language with us. Get started – your future always starts with the first step.

German as a Foreign Language (DaF)

All those who would like to learn German privately, professionally or for study and/or require a state-recognized certificate of the German language, are in exactly the right place with us!
We offer you the best preparation for your exam.

Find out today about our application-oriented German courses in Germany and Austria.

Learn the language. German as a Foreign Language

Learn Proper English in Portsmouth or Plymouth

Learn languages. Improve English and Travel

We speak only proper English!

Learn English in the South of England and improve your English every day while staying in one of our host families or student residences.

You can choose between intensive courses, business English, private lessons and much more.

Learn Spanish in Spain and Latin America

Sun, beach and sea: learning a language has never been so relaxing! Come with us to Spain and experience the culture and the people up close.

We know what we are talking about, we have lived and worked in Malaga for seven years. So, whether it be Barcelona, Santander or Madrid, we find the ideal language course for you!

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Learn Languages - Learn Spanish in Spain - Learn Spanish in Latin America

Learn Italian in Bella Italia

Learning languages. Italian in Italy

Challenge your language skills and experience the Mediterranean country in many different ways in unique cities such as Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice and many more.

Enjoy delicious pizza and pasta while discovering Italy’s beautiful landscapes. Culture, knowledge and travel have never been so easily connected!

Learn foreign languages in Berlin

If you don’t have the time to travel abroad to learn a language, we can help you!

In Berlin we offer you a variety of opportunities to learn Spanish, English, French and many other languages.

Learn languages with Berlin Training. Learn Languages Worldwide